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Pakistan’s Decision to Introduce Cyberspace Security Policy

Pakistan has decided to make cyberspace safer after the recent rise in cyber attacks and has started working on a cyberspace security policy.

A senior official of the Ministry of Information Technology told Urdu News that “in view of the increasing number of cyber attacks in the region, work has been started on a cyberspace security policy which will be completed soon.”
Under cyberspace security, the data of Pakistani internet users will also be controlled.

He further said that a policy is being formulated in this regard and if laws are required to implement the policy, legislation will also be enacted. In addition, all parties will be consulted.

What is Cyberspace Security Policy?

Sources in the Ministry of Information Technology said that “cyber attacks by India have tried to gain access to the data of more than 100 government officials.”

According to Ministry of Information Technology officials, the data of Pakistan’s Internet users will be secured to secure Pakistan’s geographical boundaries. It will use various tools, firewalls and filters to prevent data theft of the country’s Internet users.

He added that “just as permission is required to enter the airspace of any country, so permission will be required to obtain any kind of data from the borders of Pakistan’s internet and if any hack to obtain data.” Will try to thwart these attacks with the ‘proactive’ method.

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