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Samsung Teases Premium Thom Browne Edition of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 [Video]

Samsung’s special edition Galaxy Z Flip definitely wasn’t a one-off. The tech giant has teased (via SamMobile) a Thom Browne Edition of the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 2. As you might imagine, it spices up the already premium-looking foldable phone with Browne’s signature mix of US-inspired color stripes against a gray backdrop. Even the camera module is color-matched to complete the look.

The company previously said it would follow the bundle strategy it used for Browne Edition Z Flip. You should get the phone alongside matching versions of the Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Buds Live. You won’t risk looking gauche by picking up standard accessories.

As you might imagine, though, the combination of a fashion imprint and the extras could easily make this one of the most expensive Samsung phones to date. The Thom Browne Galaxy Z Flip cost $2,480 when new, or well over the $1,380 price of the standard Z Flip. With the Z Fold 2 likely to carry a considerably higher starting price (the original Galaxy Fold was $1,980), there’s a real chance its Browne counterpart could crack the $3,000 mark — this really will be for the wealthy and style-conscious.

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