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This Battery Can Remain Charged for Thousands of Years

A California based company has developed a Nano-Diamond Battery (NDB) from nuclear waste that can remain charged for more than 5,000 years, as battery power is derived from the radioactive material used in nuclear reactors.

As per reports, researchers say that the hardest metal diamond has been used in the manufacture of the nano-diamond battery, due to which it emits less radiation than the human body.

Researchers say they have successfully completed two laboratory tests of the battery. The battery was charged to 40 percent by solar power which is a significant achievement as solar power usually charges only 15pc to 20pc of a battery.

Scientists who have developed this 5,000-year-old battery say they will soon be able to charge the battery to 90 percent.

The battery is surrounded by a protective layer of synthetic diamond, the hardest manmade substance. The energy from the isotope is absorbed into the diamond through a process called ‘elastic scattering’ and is used to generate electricity.

Energy will be stored in secondary charge storage such as capacitors, supercapacitors, and cells. Carbon 14 is short-range radiation that can be quickly absorbed by any solid. It is dangerous to touch with the hands but it cannot come out of the diamond layers.

This battery is capable of charging itself automatically. Ordinary batteries have to be charged repeatedly, but this nanodiamond battery does not have to be difficult and has high voltages. The company says the first NDB commercial prototype battery will be available later this year, and several companies, including an aerospace company, are among the buyers.

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