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For the first, Excise and NADRA Team will Register Your Vehicle at Showroom

The Excise and Taxation Department of Islamabad has decided to facilitate the registration of new vehicles by registering them at showrooms.
Director Excise and Taxation Bilal Azam Khan while talking to Urdu News said that all dealers and showrooms in Islamabad have been required to register any vehicle on the spot while selling it.

According to Bilal Azam Khan, this decision will Facilitate citizens by avoiding long queues for vehicle registration, but will also benefit the security agencies. He said that no vehicle can be traced without registration, so no vehicle will be sold without showrooms or dealers etc. without registration.

How to Register Vehicles at Showrooms?

Explaining the procedure for registration of new vehicles, Bilal Azam Khan said that two new methods for registration of vehicles are being introduced.

For registration of vehicles at showrooms, an appointment will be made by calling the numbers given by us. The Excise and NADRA team will reach the showroom on time and register the vehicles on the spot.

He said that since we have the services of NADRA in it, in addition to the vehicle registration fee, Rs. 2,000 will also be collected from NADRA.

According to the Director Excise and Taxation, Islamabad, considering the successful experience of vehicle registration at home, it has been decided to provide this facility in showrooms as well.

In addition, any citizen can choose the time of their choice by submitting the online form for registration of their vehicle and come to the relevant counter at that time. This saves you both time and money. There will be no charges for the online registration process. Just sitting at home. If a citizen wants his car to be registered, NADRA charges of Rs. 2,000 will apply.

A ‘tracking chip’ will be installed to prevent vehicle thefts

Bilal Azam Khan has said that he has decided to put a tag on vehicles using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. This tag will contain all the data of the vehicle and will also have a SIM technology to make the tracking of the vehicle easier.

He said that RFID tag policy would be introduced in next two to three months. Newly registered vehicles will be required to affix that tag and it will be applied only once. There will be no need to change the tag in case of vehicle transfer.

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