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FBISE Announced Date Sheet For SSC Annual Exams 2020

Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Islamabad has issued the official Notification on 1st September, 2020 in connection with FBISE announces Date Sheet for SSC annual exams 2020. The Federal Board Matric Special Exams are starting from 23rd September, 2020.

Federal Board Date Sheet 2020

Day          DateSubject
Wednesday23-09-20201. Physics-II (511) 2. Economics-II (518) 3. Arabic-II(526) 4. Dress Making & Fashion Designing-II(604)
Thursday24-09-20201.       Chemistry-I(012)2.       General Science-1 (015) 3.       General Science-I (HIC)(215)
Friday25-09-20201.       Pakistan Studies-II(606)(2-1/2hours duration)2.       Pakistan Studies-II (HIC) (806)
Saturday26-09-20201.       Islamic Studies-I (021)2.       Art and Model Drawing –II(524)(2-1/2 hours duration) 3.       English Elective-II (537) 4.       Art and model Drawing-II(HIC) (724) 5.       Art and Model Drawing-II(Old Course)(924) (2-1/2 hours duration)
Sunday27-09-2020Closed Day
Monday28-09-20201.       Biology-II (513)2.       Food and Nutrition-II (529) 3.       Computer Science-II (541) 4.       Wood Working and Furniture Making-II(602) (2-1/2hours duration) 5.       Welding (ARC and GAS)-II(603) (2-1/2hours duration) 6.       Computer Science-II(HIC)(741) (1-1/2hours duration) 7.        Computer Science-II (Old Course) (914)
Tuesday29-09-20201.       Islamiyat-I (Compulsory)(108) (2-1/2hours duration)2.       Ikhalkiyat (Ethics)-I(138) (2-1/2hours duration) 3.       Islamiyat-I (Compulsory)(HIC)(308) (2-1/2hours duration)
Wednesday30-09-20201.       Islamic History-II(519)2.       Geography-II(522) 3.       Commercial Geography-II(525) 4.       Health & Physical Education-II(543)
Thursday01-10-20201.       English-I(Compulsory) (001)2.       English-I(compulsory)(HIC)(201)
Friday02-10-20201.       Mathematics-II(510)2.       General Mathematics-II(614) 3.       Mathematics-II(HIC)(710)
Saturday03-10-20201.       Islamiyat-II(Compulsory)(608) (2-1/2hours duration)2.       Ikhalkiyat (Ethics)-II (638) (2-1/2hours duration) 3.       Islamiyat-II (Compulsory) (HIC)(808(2-1/2hours duration)
Sunday04-10-2020Closed Day
Monday05-10-20201.       Chemistry-II (512)2.       General Science-II(515) 3.       General Science-II(HIC) (715)
Tuesday06-10-20201.       English-II (Compulsory)(501)2.        English-II(Compulsory)(HIC)(701)
Wednesday07-10-20201.       Urdu-II (Compulsory) (502)2.       Geography of Pakistan-II(in lieu of Urdu-II)(504) 3.       Urdu-II (Compulsory) (HIC) (702)
Thursday08-10-20201.       Islamic History-I(019)2.       Geography-I(022) 3.       Art and Model Drawing-I (024) (2-1/2hours duration) 4.       Commercial Geography-I (025) 5.       Health and Physical Education-I(043) 6.       Art and Model Drawing-I(HIC)(244)
Friday09-10-20201.       Biology-I (013)2.       Computer Science-I (041) 3.       Electrical Wiring-I (101) ((2-1/2hours duration) 4.       Computer Science-I(HIC)(214) (2-1/2hours duration) 5.       Electrical Wiring-I(HIC) (244) 6.       Computer Science-I(Old Course) (841)
Saturday10-10-20201.       Civics-II (517)
Sunday11-10-2020Closed Day


i). In abroad institutions, the papers will start in accordance with the synchronized time already notified.

ii).The number field after the name of subject / paper represents the subject/paper code.

Practical Examinations shall commence with effect from Friday, 16th October, 2020.

FBISE Announced Date Sheet For SSC Annual Exams 2020
Federal Board Date Sheet 2020

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