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Doctors Alert! Join PAF As Doctor, Learn Eligibility Criteria and How to Apply

Join PAF as Medical Doctors through the commission services. The doctor jobs are offering to the FCPS degree holders and MBBS Degree holders through special purpose short service commission (SPSSC) in Medical Branch. The interested candidates can apply to the commission exams in the following two courses:

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  1. General Duty Medical Officers (GDMOs)
  2. Medical Specialists

All having FCPS will be appointed as Squadron Leader after 24 weeks of training while those having an MBBS degree will be appointed as flight Lieutenant.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Pakistani nationals
  • Age of 24 to 28 years on December 31, 2020, for GDMOs
  • Age: 29 to 48 years on December 31, 2020, for Medical Specialists

Interested candidates with MBBS with 2nd division or qualification equivalent to Bachelors from any of the foreign or national university of college can apply for the commission. However, the degree of the candidates should be recognized by the Pakistan Medical Dental Council. The applicant should have a minimum of 1 year as a house job.

The flight lieutenant rank will be given to candidates applying for the general duty medical officers in the medical branch. The subject specialists will be given the rank of squadron leader with the maximum age of 48 years are considered eligible. The candidates with medical specialists in the following fields can apply for the specialists:

  • Urologists: FCPS/FRCS/Diplomat American Board
  • Anesthesiologist: FCPS/FRCA/Diplomat American Board
  • Child Specialist: FCPS/MRCP/MRCPCH/FRCP/FRCPH/Diplomat American Board
  • ENT: FRCP/MRCP(ENT)/FRCS (ENT) /Diplomat American Board
  • Pulmonologist: FCPS/FRCP/Equivalent
  • Gastroenterologist: FCPS/FRCP/Equivalent
  • Neurosurgeon: FCPS/FRCS/MRCS

Ineligibility Criteria

  • If an applicant is twice rejected by the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) / ISSB / Naval / PAF courses will not be allowed for the third time.
  • If an applicant has been tested for medical examination and physical test in the previous four months are not eligible to apply.
  • If a candidate is previously tested a year ago by the Armed Forces is not eligible.
  • If a candidate is considered unfit by the Armed Forces Hospitals or Combined Military Hospitals are not eligible.
  • If the Appeal Medical Board (AMB) declares a candidate as permanently unfit, then he is not eligible.
  • If a candidate is infected with the virus of Hepatitis B and C are declared ineligible.
  • If a candidate is expelled/dismissed/debarred from any institution of the Armed Forces or Government job is declared ineligible.
  • If a candidate is expelled from any Armed Institution on the disciplinary grounds are ineligible.

How To Apply

  • Fill in the online application at
  • Intelligence test followed by an academic test in the relevant subjects in the respective R&SC
  • Initial medical examination and interview at R&SC
  • Psychological tests of shortlisted candidates only
  • Interview by first AHQ Special selection board
  • Final Medical Examination
  • Interview by second AHQ Special selection board
  • Final selection by AHQ on the order of merit
Join PAF As Doctor 2020
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