Not a Single Duty Free Mobile Phone Allowed Under Personal Baggage into Pakistan

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has said that not a single mobile phone is allowed duty free brought into Pakistan under personal baggage.

Recently Baggage Rules have been amended vide Finance Act, 2019 whereby facility for bringing duty/taxes free mobile set has been withdrawn from July 01. 2019. Hence duty and taxes will be paid on every mobile phone.

The FBR further said: “No exemption of duty and taxes is available on any mobile even if the passenger is bringing only one mobile.”

The FBR responded to a query “Do I have to pay duty/taxes on a mobile phone which I have been using in Pakistan after returning from abroad?”

The FBR said that if local SIM is used in the mobile then it will require registering the IMEI of the mobile with PTA after payment of duty and taxes.

If the same is not registered with the PTA within sixty (60) days of the insertion of local SIM in the mobile then the mobile set will be blocked and can only be opened after payment of duty/taxes and fine/penalty.

The FBR explained in case a passenger brings a mobile phone but failed to declare the device at the time of arrival. The

The passenger can approach the nearest customs office for registration of the mobile device.

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