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Xiaomi Offering Purely Electric Air Purifying PM2.5 Respirator Face Mask with Breathable Valve

The topic of health protection is still topical and the threat of infecting a dangerous Chinese virus forces us to look for products that we would not normally search for. One of them is the Purely Protective Respirator from the Xiaomi Youpin portfolio.

This special protective mask Xiaomi Purely is currently on offer and well-known retailer Banggood, who also offers a discount in the form of a coupon. After its use the product price is  $27.19.

Electric filter with a higher degree of protection

The respiratory protective mask is in one universal size in gray shades and is made of an innovative fabric made of up to five mixtures. It also includes an electrical filter module with a built-in battery and a replaceable filter.

The battery has a capacity of 450 mAh , recharges for approximately 30 minutes using a microUSB connector and can work for 3.5 hours on a single charge . Along with the garment, the user will find 5 replacement filters in the package .

In terms of filtration efficiency, the handle can handle up to 98 percent protection against PM 2.5 dust particles . In addition, the mask has an American N95 protection certificate . This standard can filter up to 95% of particles that are smaller than 0.3 micron and is equivalent to the European protection standard FFP2 .

Given these specifications, the veil is also capable of providing partial protection against viruses. The FFP2 (N95) and FFP3 masks are also effective against the current COVID-19 coronavirus.

Thanks to the materials used and the active electrical filter system, breathing in the Purely veil is trouble-free, almost without increased stress. Skin contact is extremely comfortable, the mask is lightweight and adaptable to the features of each face.

Purely, due to its properties, it is suitable for casual wear, but also for various sports activities as a protective working means. It offers a sufficient fraction against mites, dust and allergens as well as the stinking environment and many other unwanted elements.

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