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Google Changes Logos of GMail, Hangouts, GMeet and More: Here’s How They Look Now

Gmail has a new logo, and same is with a number of other Google products that we use day in and day out.

These include Calendar, Drive, Docs and Meet. All are getting new icons as part of a rebranding the company is rolling out. It is part of Google renaming GSuite to Google Workspace and bringing all apps under its umbrella with the aim to enhance productivity and collaboration.

Here’s a look at how GChat, GMeet and others will look like in the coming days.

Google is replacing Gmail’s envelope logo. The new logo is now an M made out of Google’s core brand colours — Blue, Red, Yellow and Green.

It is said to be more in sync with the design of other Google products. But the change is only in the logo, GMail is not getting any new feature with it.

Google Calendar is now a square with Blue as the primary color. The bottom-right corner is creased and at the center is the number “31”.

Not much change in Drive. It still has the triangle with slightly rounded edges. There is also dash of red added other than the current three colors — Yellow, Blue and Green.

This one is a rectangle with a creased top-right corner, similar to Calendar’s. As for colours, it has all the four — Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.

Google Chat too is getting a new icon, and its all green. The colour is said to be homage to Hangouts. Google’s all instant communication apps share this color.

The GMeet icon gets a video camera icon formed from basic shapes.

Google Keep is now a sheet of paper, the square background is gone. The light bulb’s design too is flattened.

Google Voice icon shows a phone icon out of the Dark Green chat bubble with a signal coming from it.

GSuite, Google’s enterprise-focused suite of apps, will now be called Google Workspace. This is not the first time that Google is rebranding its enterprise apps suite, GSuite was formerly called Google Apps and Google Apps for Your Domain.

“Google says, “Google Workspace embodies our vision for a future where work is more flexible, time is more precious, and enabling stronger human connections becomes even more important. It’s a vision we’ve been building toward for more than a decade, and one we’re excited to bring to life together with you,” wrote Javier Soltero, Google’s vice president and general manager of G Suite and now Workspace in a blog post.

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