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Google Chrome Mobile App Will Check if Saved Passwords have been Compromised

Google has revealed several security-related features coming in Chrome 86, enhancing the security and usefulness of the Chrome mobile app. One of the highlights includes improved password security for Android as well as iOS application.

The feature has the capability of spotting compromised passwords within the list of saved passwords on Chrome, and then offer users advice on how to fix them. It will crosscheck saved credentials against a list of credentials that are known to be compromised.

For those who are concerned about privacy and security, the company says that usernames and passwords are sent to the company in a special form of encryption so that the company cannot get hold of the data.

If Chrome spots a compromised password, it will offer users an option to directly go to the “change password” form of the associated service or platform.

Another feature is Safety Check, which enables the manual check of compromised passwords, the status of Safe Browsing mode, and the version of the current Chrome app with details about the latest security protections.

For those who are using Chrome on iOS devices, it will now allow users to autofill saved login credentials into other apps and browsers. Users can also enable biometric authentication prompt before Chrome fills passwords, as an improved security feature.

Google will also rollout Enhanced Safe Browsing feature for Android users in which users will be able to choose to be proactively protected against phishing, malware, and other dangerous sites by sharing real-time data with the company’s Safe Browsing service.

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