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Xiaomi Launches the MIJIA Anti-Blu-Ray Glasses

The MIJIA Anti-Blu-ray Glasses is equipped with high-definition nylon lenses with blue light blocking rate greater than 80%. The glass adopts a minimalist retro shape and is equipped with ultra-lightweight beta titanium metal temples.

The lens and frame weigh about 15.5g. The light transmittance of the nylon lenses is greater than 93%. The lens adopts a 16-layer coating which makes it oil-proof on both sides.

Xiaomi Mijia Anti-Blu-ray Glasses

The lenses come with blue light factor and anti-blue light coating which is capable of absorbing and reflecting the blue light in the wavelength of 415-445nm which is easy to cause eye discomfort while retaining the 455-500nm blue light which is helpful for adjusting the biological rhythm.

The glasses come in two different colours – Black and Rose Gold and is suitable for both the male and female folks.

Xiaomi‘s MIJIA brand last launched an anti-blu-ray glasses in April last year. A little over a year after, the brand has now introduced the MIJIA Anti-Blu-ray Glasses. It is presently on sale on Xiaomi Youpin for 199 yuan ($29).

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