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Umrah App Adds New Permits for Prayers in Holy Mosques

 A new set of permits was added for pilgrims in the Umrah app Eatmarna on Tuesday, the undersecretary of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and supervisor of the app, Abdulrahman Shams, announced.

“The new permits include one for prayers in the Grand Mosque, one (for) prayers in the Prophet’s Sacred Chamber in the Prophet’s Mosque, and one for greeting the Prophet,” he said.

Shams added that the app, which started with the Umrah permit only, will add new permits gradually.

The Eatmarna app is available on smartphones (Android and via the App Store) and aims to enable pilgrims to plan their Umrah during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic in advance.

Visits and prayers in the holy mosques are planned according to available capacity approved by the authorities, ensuring the provision of a spiritual and safe atmosphere that adheres to precautionary measures.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia announced on Tuesday 19 new COVID-19-related deaths. The Kingdom’s death toll now stands at 5,087.

There were 474 new cases reported across the country, meaning 340,089 people had now contracted the disease. There were 8,663 active cases, with 839 in critical condition.

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