Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier H600G Launched with a Dual Outlet Design

The new Mi Water Purifier H600G uses a 600G high flux RO membrane, and it only takes 6 seconds to fill a glass of water. According to official notes, the RO reverse osmosis membrane offers a six stage filtration that can filter out rust, bacteria, lead and other impurities. This filter can also absorb residual chlorine and other odors from the water.

Xiaomi has just launched a new product earlier today (21st October 2020). It is the Mi Water Purifier H600G that arrives with a dual outlet design with a starting price of 1899 Yuan (roughly 285 US Dollars).

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier H600G is also equipped with a dual outlet faucet, with the water being filtered in the left through a composite filter element, which can be used for washing fruits and vegetables, other kitchen utensils, and more without using the RO reverse osmosis membrane filter element.

The new water purifier is also a smart home product, which means it can be paired with the MIJIA app. Through the app, users can check water quality, filter life, and other information in real time.

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