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Google May Soon Show Ads on the Chrome Homepage

When visiting many sites, you may stumble upon advertisements. But, as it became known, soon Google will show ads even on the home page of its Chrome browser. The company is already offering this option in test mode.

Chrome Canary now has the ability to enable the display of ads on the new tab page. So far, you can see them only if you enable the corresponding option in the experimental settings. To do this, enter chrome://flags in the address bar, and then activate the “NTP Modules” and “NTP Shopping Task Module” items.

It is not yet clear if Google plans to enable new tab ads in Chrome by default and whether it will appear in the stable version of the browser. The company often tests various features, but not all of them reach ordinary users.

The Justice Department is also preparing a separate antitrust lawsuit accusing Google of allegedly abusing its control of the online search market. The department may formally file a lawsuit next week. The spokespersons for Google and the Ministry of Justice declined to comment.

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