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Meet the Realme C15! A Humongous 6000mAh Battery + 18W Quick Charge

The world’s fastest growing smartphone brand, realme, continues to consolidate the advantages in the field of ultra-long battery life, bringing realme C15, the world’s first product that integrates a 6000mAh mega battery and 18W Quick Charge together.

Moreover, realme C15 also features Geometric Gradient Design, an eight-core processor, 6.5 inch LCD Fullscreen with high screen-to-body ratio and ultra-wide Quad Camera, making it another trendsetting smartphone with a “Dare to Leap” experience for young customers.

Ultra-long Battery Life with Mega 6000mAh

Battery life is essential to smartphones using experience, and realme continues to consolidate the advantages in this field. The realme C15 is the world’s first smartphone with a 6000mAh mega battery and 18W Quick Charging. It supports 46 hours of continuous calls or 28 hours of YouTube watching, and the phone’s standby time is up to 57 days.

realme C15 has a Super Power Saving Mode, in which the phone can run in the most power-saving state, allowing you to maintain the basic functionality of your phone by using six common apps. When realme C15 works in Super Power Saving Mode, it can stand by for 2.9 days or support 1.73 hours of YouTube watching and even allows you to make a call for 2.45 hours with only 5% of the battery.

At the same time, realme C15 also features APP Quick Freeze that can reduce idle background app power usage, Screen Battery Optimization that lowers some display effects to increase your phone’s endurance, and Sleep Standby Optimization which allows the phone work in a lower mode, striving to give users the best smartphone battery life experience.

While equipping the products with large batteries, the safety needs to be payed more attention to. Not only does realme C15 have a very hard-core fireproof-material back cover, but also uses a power monitoring sensor and a temperature monitoring sensor to automatically monitor the thermal state of the smartphone, so that users don’t need to worry about battery explosions or other accidents during daily use. By means of utilizing the OTG data cable, realme C15 can also support for charging mobile phones and some AIoT products.

As it is equipped with a mega battery, quick charging is even more important. realme C15 adopts the 18W Quick Charge, which can make the phone 25% charged which is about 1500mAh battery in 30 minutes, maintaining several hours’ running of the phone. With the Super Power Saving Mode, you can even watch YouTube for about 8 hours or make a call which is over 10 hours.

Leap-forward quality for All-round Daily Use

Mainly targeting the young market, realme C15 features a natural excellent look and has 2 colors, the Power Blue and the Power Silver, inspired by the endless blue sea and the seagulls flying over it. The phone supports daily splash-resisitant, the earphone and USB port are protected by sealing silicone, effectively prevent splashing. The speaker above the screen has a dust-proof design to prevent dust clogging from affecting the call quality. The four corners have been further reinforced, which can effectively reduce the risk of screen fragmentation.

Within the smartphone industry where the smartphones all look alike, realme still cares about the product appearance design, so that even the design of entry-level products also stands out. The back of realme C15 is designed by different angles of lines in three different areas, combined with mold polishing, radium carving, sand blasting technology, achieve the various optical texture effect, making it of trendsetting quality. Mirror level polishing process, using the industry’s leading German five-axis precision radium carving technology for texture processing, texture surface after 300 minutes of processing, to become smooth grain surface.

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