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Bloomberg Declares Karachi’s Public Transportation Worst in the World

A recent report published by the international magazine Bloomberg has declared Karachi’s transportation worst in the world.

According to the report published on Tuesday, the city of lights was once well connected by a circular railway but corruption and mismanagement in the transportation sector brought the city to a grinding halt in the late 1990s. Most of the railway tracks have become illegal slums with citizens moving from smaller towns to earn more.

Adam Weinstein, a research fellow at the Washington D.C. based Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft said, “Karachi has yet to find a humane way to address land encroachment that stymies development and relocate people without incurring immense political blowback”.

The report also said that Karachi ranks as having the worst public transport system globally. The roads in the city are filled with potholes, not all traffic signals are automated, and it’s common to see drivers running red lights.

“Karachi, despite its importance, is a political orphan,” said Arsalan Ali Faheem, a consultant at DAI, a Bethesda, Maryland-based company that advises on development projects.

Moreover, the Sindh government under the rule to Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has suspended the operations of People’s Bus Service in Karachi due to lack of funds and incompetent administration.

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