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Daraz Prepares for Biggest Annual ‘11.11’ Sale

Daraz is geared up to launch its biggest annual ‘11.11’ sale, commonly known as GyaraGyara. The country will witness the world’s biggest sale from 11th to 17th November as they have been for the past two years in a row.

The importance of the event extends beyond exclusive discounts offered to the customers. ‘11.11’ sale is unique and different in every aspect as it brings a shopping and entertainment experience for its users in a single App.

Apart from the exclusive brand launches, brand partnerships and payment partners, Daraz as a platform aims at boosting the economic activity post the Covid pandemic this ‘11.11’ sale.

The platform is expecting a record-breaking traffic of 2.5 million users on 11th November which will help our partners set a new baseline of sales for the upcoming year. Aside from the launch aspect, the event acknowledged the prominent members who have partnered for the Daraz sale 2020.

Ehsan Saya, Managing Director at Daraz Pakistan informed that media this year’s GyaraGyara was happening amidst a global pandemic. “Our goal this year has been to ensure our customers have access to various services on Daraz, which is bringing the leading players of the industry to offer the best deals and customer experience,” he added.

Industry leaders like P&G, Unilever, Nestle, RB, Haier, TCL, OnePlus and Xiaomi will be participating as co-sponsors this year. Their products will be available on DarazMall which houses a total of 450+ local and international brands.

The mega campaign is providing an opportunity to brands to enjoy the increased demand of products. This particular trend began during the pandemic and is still taking shape. Despite the lockdown, the average basket size on Daraz increased by 71% in the month of April.

Daraz 11.11 is an investment of millions of dollars by brands combining with Daraz. This relationship creates a win-win situation for the brands suffering through a crisis of lockdown and the customers who want to shop at economical rates from a platform carrying a massive variety of over 15 million products.

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