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Microsoft Updates To Do App on Windows 10, iOS and Android: Here’s What’s New

Microsoft recently pushed a major update to its Teams platform with a bunch of new features and improvements. Now, it’s doing the same with its To Do app.

The app has received an update on all major platforms, which means Android, iOS, and Windows 10. As a part of it, you get new feature, improvements and usual bug fixes.

The Windows 10 version of the list-making app gets a task count beside the completed bucket in user-created lists. This is supposed to help them keep track of their completed tasks.

In addition, Sections in the Planned smartlist now show the task count in the section title. The company seems to have fixed a few bugs around keyboard focus and has fixed the app crash issue as well.

On iOS version of Microsoft To Do app, the firm has fixed some problems to keep the smooth experience intact and has even added tasks from Siri. Some bugs related to print functionality has also been ironed out.

As for the Android users, the updated To Do app gets a minor change. It has improved Sync in the app.

All three version of the Microsoft To Do app can be downloaded from their respective app markets – Google PlayApp Store and Microsoft Store.

This announcement comes just a day after Google announced that it is killing the note-making app, Keep’s Chrome app version ahead of others – in February next year.

This announcement comes from the Keep app’s support page. Support ends for the Google Keep Chrome app in February 2021 when we move Chrome apps to the web,” says the first line of the page.

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