Orange Line Train Collapes After an Accident [Video]

A gantry of Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT) has collapsed after a serious crash. The incident happened just ten days after the completion of the mega project. According to info, a fast container truck collapsed under an OLMT track in Lahore ‘s vicinity of Baghbanpura. It is claimed that the truck driver was losing control.

In the result of the crash, the gantry toppled onto two parked cars on pavement. In a video, one can see that the gantry completely destroyed two cars. However, the truck driver and passenger only sustained a few injuries. There was no casualty in result of the accident.

The eyewitnesses told media that the accident happened due to extraordinary height of the container on the truck. Reacting to the accident, OLMT representative said that height-gantries are a vital part of OLMT as they guard the underlying electric wires for the train.

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