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US Elections. Biden Overtakes Trump

The latest provisional results, announced by local media at 4:30 am local time (9:30 am in Lisbon) and with 99% of the votes counted, give Biden an advantage over Trump of only 917 votes, a minimal but significant difference, because it comes reverse the margin that the President had and that was gradually decreasing.

A few hours ago, Trump’s advantage was 1,267 votes.

In Georgia, 16 votes are at stake in the Electoral College. A victory in this state leaves Biden with a vote out of the 270 he needs to claim victory.

With a long Democratic past until 1960, the state of Georgia has had a ‘red’ history since 1996. Bill Clinton was the last Democrat to win the state (1992), when he overcame George Bush (father) by about 13,000 votes – and at the time still worth 13 votes at the Electoral College.

Presidential elections in the United States are decided by votes at the Electoral College, made up of 538 “big voters” or delegates from the 50 American states, who are required to cast their vote for the candidate most chosen by local citizens in the election.

In the provisional balance of the race for the 538 delegates (one delegate, one vote), these are the results compiled by the main North American ‘media’.

The count is still open in three swing states – Nevada, Arizona and Pennsylvania – and in North Carolina and Alaska.

These were the details of the news US elections. Biden overtakes Trump in Georgia with close scrutiny… for this day.

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