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App ALERT: Call the Rangers at a Push of One Button

Sindh Rangers have developed a modern application for the protection of the people. At the push of a button, the Rangers control room will be activated in a timely manner.

According to ARY News, a new application has been developed by Rangers for the protection of citizens. A Rangers spokesperson said that this app has been developed with the help of IT to make the security situation modern and effective.

The spokesman said that this facility could not be provided to all the people in the city with a population of tens of millions. In the initial phase, the application would be provided to specific sectors. This app is being provided to other departments.

According to a Rangers spokesperson, the purpose of the app is to improve security in various institutions and the public by creating an intelligence network in the city.

In any emergency, Rangers will be able to prevent crime through timely action, SOS Alert Through the app, registered organizations and citizens can be alerted in case of any emergency.

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