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Live Now: Learn How to Join PUBG Mobile Pakistan Tournament with Rs10m Prize

PUBG Pakistan, a popular online game officially known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, on Wednesday announced the second edition of its PUBG Mobile Pakistan Challenge, offering Rs10 million in prizes for the winners of the tournament.

Following its unparalleled run with last year’s challenge, PUBG Mobile Pakistan Challenge’s second edition comes as one of the biggest e-sports events of the country, giving gamers a chance to put themselves on the map and be crowned champions.

Check out how to enter PUBG Mobile Pakistan Challenge below!

PUBG Mobile Pakistan teams must ensure that they register within a week-long period that starts November 9, 2020, with the deadline set for Nov 15, 2020, on the game’s website.

The open-to-all, flagship tournament provides an action-packed phenomenon of exuberance, grit, skill, and determination for the Pakistani gamers, who will tackle each other head on in the online multiplayer battle royale game.

In a healthy ecosystem that bolsters budding talent, PUBG Mobile Pakistan Challenge also provides an opportunity for young gamers to push their boundaries by leveraging their skills and showcasing their talent.

How to join the tournament?

  • Form a squad with at least four members
  • Registrations open November 9-15, 2020
  • Players can register on PUBG Mobile Pakistan website in teams

How to play?

  • Progress to week-long period of in-game qualifiers
  • Play 15 matches over a week-long period
  • 10 best matches to be utilised to calculate rankings
  • 256 teams play to win five-day-long, first leg of online qualifiers

Quarter- and semi-finals

  • 112 teams, along with 6 invited teams, fight over four days to enter semi-final
  • 64 teams to dominate leaderboard for four days in semi-finals
  • Fight to make it to top 16 slots
  • Epic online finals start as 16 teams fight over three action-packed days


  • Registration open to all Pakistani residents
  • No limit to number of registrations
  • Players should have PUBG Mobile account above level 20
  • In-game qualifier matches valid when played during aforementioned seven-day period and with four registered squad players
  • Teams playing less than 10 matches will receive score on actual matches played
  • Five matches scheduled per day during finals season

Millions in prizes

  • First position: Rs5 million
  • Second position: Rs2 million
  • Third position: Rs1 million
  • Cash prizes up to rank 16

With PUBG Mobile Pakistan Challenge, players not only get a chance to join an unforgettable gaming experience but are provided a stepping stone to their professional e-sports career.

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