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Ali Hamza and Young Stunners Come Together for Coke’s Karachi Anthem

What do we love about Karachi?

Is it the city’s diversity? The fact that this city never sleeps? Or how this city embraces people irrespective of their social, racial, or religious identities? The streetfighter spirit of its cricketers? The delectable food? The cool sea breeze after a scorching hot day? Or its shoreline? Or the fact that despite everything, this city survives…scratch that…thrives. Despite all the problems, despite all the difficulties, despite all the troubles, this city’s heart beats collectively and for everyone.

When singer/songwriter/producer Ali Hamza and the rapper from Young Stunner TalhaYounus came together for Coke’s anthem for Karachi – you know it was going to be amazing. The video and song complement each other beautifully. While the song talks about how the city embraces everyone irrespective of their background, with the video, we visit a range of iconic locations, each reflecting the city’s diversity. It reminds us of how Karachi welcomes people from all over Pakistan.

Karachi love hai also pays a heartfelt tribute to the strong will of its residents. Despite setbacks and recurring troubles, things never come to a standstill. Even in the worst of times, everyone is dedicated to doing their best, for themselves, for their families and of course for this city. The unbreakable spirit is what makes Karachi what it is.

And of course, Coke’s Karachi anthem doesn’t miss food. To talk about Karachi without mentioning food would be a cardinal sin. We see the famous Karachi street food in the video, and it will take you back in memory lane when you were out eating some spicy food with family or friends.

Watching this song, you will fall love in Karachi all over again. Because sometimes we do need a subtle reminder. It will make you appreciate what an experience it is to live in Roshiyonkashehar – the incredibly complex yet endearing place we all call home. Despite all the distress, despite all the problems, Karachi love haijani. 

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