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Sania Mirza Is Making Her Web-Series Debut

Sania Mirza Is Making Her Web-Series Debut

Sania Mirza is about to debut her web series. In MTV’s ‘Nisedh Alone Together the sportswoman is shown.

The fiction series, according to IANS, is intended to encourage understanding of tuberculosis. The five-part show will switch to ‘Nisedh’ from MTV.

A young Vicky and Megha are said to watch the series as they work around problems in the COVID-19 lockdown. The role of a narrator in the series will be performed and rehearsed by Sania Mirza.

In a statement, the sportswoman talked about why awareness about tuberculosis is an important cause. The issue has only gotten worse in India amid the pandemic.

“TB continues to be one of the most chronic health issues in our country. With about half of the diagnosed cases under the age of 30, there is an urgent need to tackle fallacies around it and drive a perception change,”

The series will be available on MTV India’s social media platforms in late November.

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