FBR Launches ‘Maloomat Tax-Ray’ App to Facilitate Public

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has launched the Maloomat Tax-Ray App to facilitate the taxpayers’ and the general public.

According to the details, through Maloomat Tax-Ray app taxpayers and the general public can get information about their assets and withholding deductions. The information obtained from the application will help the taxpayers in filing their annual tax returns correctly. The regulatory body has uploaded the app on their website.

The 2nd Edition of ‘IRIS’ portal ‘Maloomat’ (tax profiling system) contains data of 53 million citizens on it, which gives access to the filers and non-filers to the information about their assets and bank accounts.

The IRIS portal by the FBR is being regularly updated by the authority and all the persons filing returns for 2020 are suggested to seek assistance.

The regulatory body in a message to all citizens of Pakistan stated, “FBR has acquired vital information about income and expenditure of filers and non-filers. It has further informed the citizens that every citizen can view such information by clicking on FBR-Taxray”.

Three options are available on the application, which include

  • Return filer but not declaring any taxable income click for declaring correct facts
  • NTN holder not filing return as required under law click for filing tax return
  • Unregistered paying withholding tax click for registration and filing tax return.

The FBR has also issued warning to the non-filer that the last date for filing of income tax returns was extended up to December 8, 2020. The warning also said that they cannot hide their income, assets and expenditures from the FBR.

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