Most Latest GB Election Results 2020: Party Position in Gilgit Baltistan Assembly

As of 2:00pm Monday, PTI was in the lead in nine of 23 constituencies, according to unofficial results while the independent candidates have won seven seats.

PTI (9)

Fatta-Ullah- Khan won in the GBA-2, Gilgit-2 with 6696 votes, Nazir Ahmed won GBA-20, Ghizer-2 constituency with 5430 votes, Abaidullah Baig won in the GBA-6, Hunza constituency with 5624 votes, Raja Muhammad Zakeria Khan won in the GBA-7, Skardu-I constituency with 5,288 votes, Syed Amjad Ali won in the GBA-11, Kharmang constituency with 6,612 votes, Shamsul Haq Lone won in the GBA-14, Astore-II constituency with 5,418 votes and Raja Azam Khan won in the GBA-12, Shigar constituency with 10,349 votes, unofficial results showed.

Party nameLead in no. of constituenciesUnofficial victory in no. of constituenciesTotal
Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen11
Islami Tehreek Pakistan

Independents (7)

After PTI, independents were ahead with unofficial victories in six constituencies.

According to unofficial results, Haji Shah Baig won the GBA-15, Diamer-1 constituency with 2685 votes, Javed Ali Manwa won with 2,443 votes in the GBA-5, Nagar-II constituency; Mushtaq Hussain won with 6,051 votes in the GBA-22, Ghanche-I constituency; Nawaz Khan Naji won in the GBA-19, Ghizer-I constituency with 6,448 votes; Abdul Hameed Khan won in the GBA-23, Ghanche-II constituency with 3,696 votes; Nasir Ali Khan won in the GBA-10 Skardu-4 with 4667 votes; and Wazir Muhammad Saleem GBA-9, Skardu-III constituency with 6,286 votes.

PPP (3)

The independents were followed by PPP, which was in the lead in three constituencies. This included — as per unofficial results — victories in three constituencies, namely, by Muhammad Ismail in the GBA-24, Ghanche-III constituency with 6,204 votes; and Amjad Hussain in both the GBA-I, Gilgit-I constituency with 11,178 votes and GBA-4, Nagar-I constituency with 11,178 votes.

PML-N (2)

The PML-N has won two constituencies. Ghulam Muhammad bagged 4609 votes to win GBA-21, Ghizer-3 while Muhammad Anwar received 5605 votes to win GBA-16, Diamer-2.

Others (2)

Unofficial results also showed Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen candidate having won the GBA-8, Skardu-II constituency with 7,842 votes.

Meanwhile, Rehmat Khaliq of Jamiat Ulema-e-islam Fazal Ur Rehman Group is leading in GBA-17, Diamer-3 with 3293 votes.

Each win in a constituency represents a seat won in the assembly.

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