BMW is Launching Its Motorcycles in Pakistan

Now the famous motrrad are on their way to Pakistan, BMW Motorrad are officially coming to Pakistan along with Deewan Motors(BMW & Deewan Motors are partners in Pakistan regarding BMW cars)This is a good omen for the motorcycle industry of Pakistan. Big businesses are considering Pakistan as an emerging market.

Recently in a mall activation in Karachi the BMW & Deewan Motors displayed 3 different variants of BMW motorcycles which cater to different categories and proposed to be launched in Pakistan, these categories include super sports, touring and retro style motorcycles. These motorcycles stand apart because of their engine style.

Credits: Horsepower Pakistan

As these motorcycles will be brought to Pakistan as Complete Built-up Units (CBU), they will be at least two times more expensive than they are in the markets where they are locally produced because of taxes and duties. Therefore, they will only be targeted at a small niche of enthusiasts with adequate purchasing power.

Ultimately, it is a positive development because with the presence of BMW in the Pakistani market, a lot of other foreign brands are likely to take note of it and consider expanding to this market.

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