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WhatsApp Gets Sticker Search, New Animated Sticker Pack, Wallpapers

WhatsApp today rolled out a major update on its platform today. The update not only brings a new animated sticker pack to WhatsApp’s platform, but it also brings a host of new wallpapers to the messaging app.

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In addition to that, the Facebook-owned messaging app has also released the much-awaited sticker search feature on its platform.

Let’s take a detailed look at these features one by one. 

New animated sticker pack

First in line is the new animated sticker pack. WhatsApp has rolled out an update that brings animation to WHO’s ‘Together at Home’ sticker pack. WhatsApp says that Together at Home has been one of the most popular sticker packs across WhatsApp, and that it will now be even more expressive in its animated form.

It is available within WhatsApp, including with text localized for 9 languages – Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

Sticker Search

The second feature that the company has released is called Sticker Search. Up until now, WhatsApp users could search for GIFs and emojis within the platform. Now, they can use a similar trick to look for their desired stickers.

New wallpapers

Lastly, WhatsApp has rolled out a whole bunch of wallpapers on its platform. The list includes custom chat wallpapers, doodle wallpapers and light and dark wallpapers that are based on the app’s light and dark modes. Additionally, the company has rolled out another bunch of wallpapers that include diverse, and iconic images of nature and architecture from around the world.

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