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One Emergency Helpline for Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance in Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan will soon announce the Pakistan Emergency Helpline (Initiative) to assist citizens in emergencies and the National Telecommunication Corporation has prepared a feasibility report in this regard.

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According to a feasibility report available to Urdu News, the initiative will be a 911-style US helpline that citizens can call for help in an emergency.

According to the report, the helpline is police, fire brigade, NADRA, Edhi, Chhepa. NDMA will be affiliated with Sui gas companies and electricity companies and all help will be available by calling just one number.

Chairman NTC said that his organization has made a feasibility study and sent it to the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister will announce it soon.
The technical work has been completed but there are some legal complications as many departments have come under the preview of the provincial governments since the 18th amendment.

Brigadier Waqar said that under the Pakistan Telecommunication Act, all government agencies are required to host their websites in NTC but many agencies have hosted their websites privately or abroad. That is why those websites are subject to cyber attacks from India and Israel. In the same way, data is leaked and brings the country into disrepute.

Now there is a Data Protection Bill under which the data of Pakistani citizens has to be kept in Pakistan and it is requested from all government agencies to host their website in Pakistan and host in NTC.

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