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This Pakistani Website Offers Free SEO and Educational Tools for Students

Students usually try to find free educational tools that can help in fulfilling their assignments. On the other side, SEO experts to want free SEO tools for analyzing and making their marketing efforts productive.

There are tools that can help both students and SEO experts. is a Pakistani website that is famous around the globe for its free tools and features that are open for users all around the world.

This website has 100+ tools including:

  • Educational tools
  • Marketing tools
  • Converters & calculators
  • Content-related tools
  • Analysis tools
  • Domain-related tools

Prepostseo is accessible on different platforms such as:

The website comes with a simple interface. All of its tools work efficiently and quickly.

Here are some of the top tools from Prepostseo

Plagiarism checker

The most popular tool is the Plagiarism checker which is a communal requirement of the SEO experts and students.

This tool checks the originality of the content by comparing your written sentence instantly with billions of databases all around the world.

It scans your content and checks whether it is copied, or that the idea is similar to other website’s content.

This tool is free. Users can check up to 1,000 words in a single search. For posts with more word count, premium plans are available on the same site that can enable you to use this tool without restrictions.

Many of the web owners use this tool for their website when they have to upload web content or blog posts. Students use this to check their assignments and ensure that their assignments are up to the mark.

Paraphrasing tool

The paraphrasing tool is another of their products. This is a tool for changing words but at the same time, while maintaining the original idea behind your writing.

When content is copied from the internet or any other platform, plagiarism isn’t too far off. However,  with this tool, your content becomes unique.

This tool works by utilizing artificial intelligence and modern algorithms to change most of the words. For example, it works by changing some synonyms in a way that doesn’t change the idea you’re trying to convey.

This tool is entirely free. There are multiple features of this software, as mentioned below:

  • You can paste, upload the file from your device, or import from Google Drive or OneDrive
  • It offers multiple variations for paraphrasing including Simple, advanced, and AI-version
  • It allows the user to change the words and provides some synonyms suggestion upon paraphrasing
  • This tool is available in 7 languages

Grammar Checker

If you want to remove the grammatical and spelling errors from your assignments or other content, then this website would be helpful.

The grammar checker from Prepostseo scans your content and finds grammatical or other linguistics errors in your content.

The grammar checker is very important for students and SEO specialists who know that errors in writing is a bad practice for all platforms.

Prepostseo also works on your mobile

This website also offers users with the associated Android and iOS apps. If you are using your mobile to send an assignment, then you can check your content directly from your mobile.

Prepostseo has smartphone applications for plagiarism checker, paraphrasing tool, and image to text converters.

For SEO experts and web owners that are managing their website on WordPress, they can use the WordPress plugin.

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