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Next Week Islamabad to Get First Ever Drive-in Cinema [Date+Timings]

It will be inaugurated on December 18, which means that fans will soon be able to watch and enjoy their favorite movies from the comfort and safety of their cars.

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Along with other challenges, the pandemic highly affected the entertainment industry. Movie productions were put on hold and even when filming was resumed, it was hard to release them in cinemas in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

However, Capital Development Authority (CDA) Islamabad came up with a solution for it. When a netizen requested Muhammad Hamza Shafqat to launch a drive-in theater, the District Commissioner said that they are working on it.

And it’s finally happening! The drive-in cinema will be launched next week at the Parade Ground, adjacent to Islamabad Highway. It is a joint venture by Capital Development Authority (CDA) and a private telecom company.

According to the sources, the movies will be screened from 5:30 in the evenings from Friday to Sunday. Rizwan Afzal, head of marketing of a private telecom company said that the entertainment for the moviegoers in Islamabad would be restored, however, Corona SOPs would be strictly followed.

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