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LG to Launch LG Rollable, LG Rainbow, and LG Q83 in First half of 2021

LG Electronics is planning on launching the LG Rollable smartphone, the flagship handset Rainbow, and the budget Q83 device within the first half of 2021. The company aims to be one of the first in the market to launch a rollable device and other innovative products to grow its presence in the smartphone market.

The move from the South Korean tech giant is also to take the initiative with the rollable display technology, and to secure its position in the premium and budget oriented segments of smartphones. LG plans on launched its flagship handset, the “LG Rainbow” in March 2021. Similarly, near this period the company also plans on unveiling its first device with a rollable display and an affordable handset, the Q83, all within the first half of next year.

For those unaware, the LG Rollable is the second product within the company’s Explorer Project, which is its initiative to launch innovative products in the market. This device sports a 6.8 inch display that can be stretched to reach 7.4 inches. At the moment, the company is planning on starting field tests by the end of this month or by early next month. The company will also deciding the launch date of its flagship Rainbow handset, based on the results of these field tests.

According to a KoreaITNews report, the main advantage of the LG Rollable is its thinness and lightness over its competitors, which are bulky foldable devices. Furthermore, the smartphone doesn’t suffer from the wrinkle or crease issue that affects most foldable handsets. So stay tuned for more, as we will be providing more updates when additional information is available regarding these devices and their launch.

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