Microsoft Authenticator can Now Store and Autofill Mobile Device Passwords

Microsoft’s Authenticator on mobile will soon be updated with password management and autofill capabilities, the company announced (as seen by Thurott). The passwords will be synced using your Microsoft account using Outlook, Hotmail and other Redmond products. That will let you select Microsoft as an autofill provider, then sync passwords on apps or websites using Microsoft’s Edge browser or Google Chrome, via a new Chrome extension.

Until now, Authenticator has largely been useful as a two-factor authentication app. With autofill and password management, however, it’s a legit replacement for Google’s autofill and password manager. That should be particularly useful for companies or individuals who work on Microsoft’s Office ecosystem rather than on Google G-Suite (now Google Workspace).

The feature is now in preview, but can be accessed from the latest full release of the Authenticator app on iOS or Android.

You simply open the app, navigate to Settings>Beta<Autofill and turn the feature on to enable the Passwords tab.

To enable the autofill capability on your device, you’ll need to navigate to the “Autofill Passwords” setting on iPhone or “Autofill” on Android, then find the “Authenticator” setting and change the service to Microsoft.

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