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Survey Shows Pakistanis Prefer China’s Coronavirus Vaccine Over US, UK and Russia

  • 56% want Opposition to postpone rallies
  • 56% satisfied with PM Imran Khan’s handling of COVID-19 pandemic
  • 15% would take any government-approved vaccine

A fresh survey conducted by the Institute for Public Opinion Research (IPOR) found majority of the respondents would prefer a China-made coronavirus vaccine over Pakistan, United States, Russia and others. 

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The survey questioned a total of 1,500 people between December 2 and 14 this year. It found that 35% of the respondents preferred China’s vaccine while 14% backed Pakistan and 9% said the US. A government approved vaccine got the green-stamp of 15% of the respondents while 16% had no answer. 

Majority respondents in the survey believe coronavirus to be a reality, while 25% said it doesn’t exist and termed it a global conspiracy.

Majority of the respondents, however, said they would take the vaccine. Five in 10 said they would be willing to be administered the vaccine. Most of the respondents cited various conspiracy theories about the corona vaccine behind the reason for not going for the vaccine. In the previous survey, 67 percent respondents were willing to administer the vaccine.

Should the Opposition go ahead with rallies?

The results showed 23% of the respondents want the Opposition to go ahead with its protests against the incumbent government. On the other hand, 56% respondents want the Opposition to postpone the rallies keeping in view the rising threat of the novel coronavirus in the country. 

PM Imran Khan’s performance

When asked about the premier’s performance in terms of handling the COVID-19 pandemic, 56% of the respondents said they were satisfied with the measures taken, 31% were not satisfied while 13% had no answer. 

His rating has improved by 4% since the last survey.

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