Zoom’s Lifting its 40-Min Limit so as You can Chat Freely Over the Holidays

Zoom is lifting the 40-minute time limit it has for free accounts to ensure that you can catch up with friends and family over these upcoming holidays. Zoom announced over a blog post that the 40-minute time limit will be lifted for Hanukkah, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Day and Kwanzaa.

Zoom had also lifted it’s 40-minute time limit for Thanksgiving Day this year.

So, these are the exact times and days that Zoom’s lifting the time limit:

– From 10AM ET (8:30PM IST) on December 17 to 6AM ET (4:30PM IST) on December 19, for the end of Hanukkah.

– From 10AM ET (8:30PM IST) on December 23 to 6AM ET (4:30PM IST) on December 26, for Christmas Eve and Christmas.

– From 10AM ET (8:30PM IST) on December 30 to 6AM ET (4:30PM IST) on January 2, for New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and the end of Kwanzaa

In case you don’t remember, meetings on Zoom’s free tier that involves more than three people cannot last for more than 40 minutes. For longer chats you will have to end a meeting after 40 minutes and then begin another one. Zoom is lifting this time limit so you can catch up with friends and family virtually over these holidays since the chances are high that you will not be meeting them face-to-face thanks to the global pandemic.

If you are not a Zoom person and prefer Google Meet to connect with friends and family, Google is letting free users host Google Meet calls that last up to 24 hours right till March 31 next year.

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