Proton X70 Is Launching Today

In another great news for car lovers in Pakistan, Proton X70 will be launched today. According to reports, the company will hold a virtual launching event at 9:00PM today.

It is pertinent to mention that Proton will reveal the price of this new compact SUV today.

On December 10, the Malaysia car manufacturer, unveiled the vehicle for Pakistani customers. During the ceremony, the company revealed multiple features of the car, including engine, safety features, cruise control, cameras and others.

Proton X70 and Pakistan’s Compact SUV Market: 

Proton X70 would be another exciting addition in local market, which is currently thriving with new SUVs. The segment is being dominated by KIA Sportage, followed by Hyundai Tucson. Meanwhile, the MG HS has also established its place in the market, as Glory 580 Pro is also set to hit the market on December 20.

This whole situation is enough to prove that Proton X70 will be a success. The car has a very successful run in Malaysian market, and we hope that it will repeat its performance in Pakistan.

Following are the few salient features of the car.

Engine of Proton X70: 

The car comes with 1500cc Turbocharged engine, which produces 177hp and 255Nm Torque, mated with Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT).

Alloy Rims: 

The company has installed 19-inch Alloy Rims in this new SUV.


The company has installed Parking and Door Ajar Sensors in the car. This means, it would be a quite safe car to drive.

Safety in Proton X70: 

The X70 offers 6 airbags, Brake Assist, EBD and Vehicle Stability Control, making it a secure vehicle for you and your family.

Cruise Control: 

The new vehicle comes with a Cruise Control option, meaning you can drive your car at a specific speed on highways, making your ride very comfortable.

Seats in Proton X70: 

As per the company, the seats in the car will be heated. This feature is a great one for the comfort of driver and passengers.


Furthermore, the car has a Panoramic Sunroof in it, which gives a sense of openness to the driver and passenger.

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