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How to Avail Casual Leave Through SIS Punjab App & HRMS

Government of the Punjab, School Education Department has taken the most innovative and trustworthy decision of announcing the Casual Leave Management System 2021 to facilitate Punjab teachers will now apply for casual leaves online via SIS Punjab App or HRMS.

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Every teacher is wanted to know the method of how to avail casual leave online through HRMS. Punjab Govt has initiated automation drive in the department, reducing human intervention, to facilitate our honorable teachers.

Teachers will now be able to apply for leaves online via HRMS. In first step, casual leaves has gone online on 22nd November, 2019. Every application is being tracked for disposal.

Any CL (Casual Leave) not processed within one day will be automatically recorded as inefficiency of leave sanctioning authority and will be transferred to next higher officer for immediate action.

Option of Casual Leave (CL) is now available on HRMS Management System for school teachers in Punjab.

Step By Step Procedure of Casual Leave 2021

We are providing you the detailed procedure of sanctioning casual leave are underlying;

  1. First You have to open the link of HRMS Website ⇒
  2. Enter your SIS Punjab Mobile App account details (CNIC + Password) by selecting option as Teaching Staff to log in at HRMS Account
  3. Open the Category of Leave Request given at the right corner of your profile
  4. Click on Apply Leave button
  5. Fill the Leave Application Form carefully and finally click on Process button for applying for online CL.
  6. Message of your successful completion of application will be appear.

Note:- No manual Leave will be sanctioned or process after launching of this system.

Casual Leave Help Line 2020

SMS Alert:

SMS alert for both applicant and sanctioning authority has been activated. To avoid pendency, leave sanctioning authority will be intimated to take appropriate action (Approve/Reject/Forward)  whenever an application is submitted.

Phone Number:

Θ For queries related to CL management system, we have set up a helpline which will be active within three hours. Helpline: 042-35880062 (Ext. 1222 & 1223)

Casual Leave Help Line 2020
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