Huawei Smart Latex Pillow with Comprehensive Sleep Monitoring Support Launched

Huawei has officially launched the Smart Choice MOK PLANET Smart Latex Pillow for sale in China. The pillow can automatically start monitoring data such as heart rate and breathing rate when you lie down. The smart pillow carries a retail price tag of 449 yuan (~$68) and an initial price tag of 499 yuan (~$76).

Huawei Smart Choice MOK PLANET smart latex pillow adopts a double-layer pillow core design. The pillow adopts a 9cm latex pillow core layer with an extra 2cm detachable height increase. The height of the pillow can be adjusted to adapt to different people’s sleeping habits.

Huawei Smart Choice MOK PLANET smart latex pillow

The latex pillow is made of Thai natural latex collagen. The natural latex content is as high as 93%. It has excellent resilience and can quickly respond to the neck curve support and effectively relieve shoulder and neck pressure.

There are tens of thousands of honeycomb vent holes formed during the foam molding. These holes enable natural ventilation and keep the pillow non-stuffy and more refreshing to use. After SGS testing and certification, the latex pillow core meets the first-class anti-fungal standard, the mite avoidance rate is 99%, and the formaldehyde content is 0.

It is worth mentioning that the distinctive cochlear design on both sides of the smart latex pillow can relieve the pressure on the ears when sleeping on the side and ensure a comfortable sleep all night.

Huawei Smart Choice MOK PLANET smart latex pillow

The Smart latex pillows are embedded with ultra-thin non-inductive monitoring sensors, which can monitor sleep data such as heart rate, breathing rate, sleep cycle, number of turns, number of times to leave the pillow, and track sleep throughout the night.

With the Huawei Smart Life app, this pillow can record your sleep data and generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports, from sleep scores to sleep items that need to be optimized, without missing every detail.

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