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CAA Issues List of Countries Exempted from Coronavirus Restrictions

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) issued a list of the countries that it has exempted from the coronavirus restrictions, an official notification stated.

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According to the notification, the issued list has been divided into three categories — Category A, B, and C.

The new directives have been announced for all scheduled and charter airline operators, all ground handling agents, all private operators, as well as all authorised flight permission agents.

The passengers from countries in Category A will not be asked to get tested for the COVID-19, the notification said.

Australia, China, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Qatar, New Zealand, are among the 23 counties that have been included in Category A.

Meanwhile, any country that is not included in Category A automatically falls into Category B. The passengers from these countries will have to present a negative COVID-19, conducted within the last 96 hours.

Although there is no country in Category C, the CAA said that in case a nation is included, the passengers from there would have to get a negative test before boarding a flight as well as after reaching Pakistan.

Pakistan has recorded 490,476 cases, 10,409 deaths, and 444,360 recoveries from coronavirus.

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