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NITB’s COVID19 App Gets Radius Alert Feature to Check COVID Free Zone

National Information Technology Board (NITB) has introduced a COVID-19 app earlier to help the citizens in the hour of need. NITB’s COVID19 app keeps them updated about the total affected person by displaying dashboards for each province and state as a whole.

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The app has now updated with a new feature. NITB’s COVID-19 App has now got a Radius Alert Feature to Check your surroundings whether it is COVID free or not.

The new feature, indeed, is quite helpful if you are going to some other places. You can now easily check whether the destination address is COVID free or not, before leaving your home.

The other key features of the app include – Self-Assessment, Pop Up Notification by reminding the users of their personnel hygiene. This application also provides citizens with ChatBot and other awareness videos regarding the epidemic and the ways we may control its spread.

One more key feature of the app is “Pak Neghayban“. This feature lets the users check onboarding 1,100 hospitals across Pakistan. You can easily check the availability of COVID-19 Hospitals, ventilators, beds and testing laboratories near them using this app.

No doubt, this is a great initiative by the government of Pakistan to keep the people safe while providing them with all the facilities at home. They do not need to go anywhere to check the availability of COVID-19 hospitals and other stuff.

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