Now You Can Ask Google Assistant to Do Nothing [Video]

Google Assistant is one of the most capable virtual assistants in the digital world. It can manage your smart home devices, it can fetch you a cab, it can also help you shop. Now, Google has rolled out a new feature on Google Assistant that will help you…well…do nothing!

Google has collaborated with Cadbury to roll out a feature called ‘Do Nothing’ mode. You can activate this mode by saying, “Ok Google, eat a 5 Star.” Once activated, Google Assistant will neither do any work nor let you work too hard.

Google says that “while Google Assistant helps you become more PRODUCTIVE, with the 5 Star Do Nothing Mode it gives you more PERSPECTIVE. It will act like a chilled-out friend who is always by your side, motivating you to take.”

Now the facts, while the Do Nothing mode will not get any work done — be it setting an alarm or turning off the lights in your room or setting a reminder — but it will help you relax and in turn have a conversation with Google Assistant that is full of sass and quirky responses.

Here’s a quick glance at how this feature

This new feature is available on smartwatches, smart TVs and tablets running on Android 6.0 and above, Google Home, Android Phones running on Android 5.0 and above, iOS devices running on iOS 10 and above, Google Assistant-powered headphones and smart displays.

Now, there’s a catch. Not everyone can use this feature. Android Police reports that the Do-Nothing mode is available only in India. So, if you are using a Google Assistant-powered device elsewhere, you might have to wait a little to get access to this feature.

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