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Learn How Much Increase Salary in Budget 2021-22?

Government employees of Pakistan are always looking to search latest news about how much increase salary in Budget 2021-22. The coming budget 2022-22 is expecting to be announce in 11th June, 2021. Due to rapidly increasing the ratio of inflation thatswhy we are expecting from Govt of Pakistan to increase salary of employees upto 50 percent minimum.

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We are demanding from PTI Government to announce phenomenal budget 2021-22 of the history for employees of Pakistan and request from everyone to raise your voice in comments.

Salary Increase in Budget 2021-22 Pakistan

According to the news circulating in Jang Newspaper dated 20 January, 2020 regarding 100% increased salary in Budget 2021-22 Pakistan. The decision of eliminating the discrimination of salaries between different employees of Federal and Punjab Government.

Basic salary of Government employees is expected to be increased upto 100% for the Grade-1 to Grade-22.

According to the Media reports, the basic decision of increasing salary has been taken by the Federal Services Committee of Dr. Ishrat Hussain. The salaries will be adjusted according to the salary package of 2017 with the following criteria given below;

Salary Package Expected in Budget 2021-22 Pakistan

Basic Pay ScaleExpected Salary increased in Budget 2021-22
1Min 9,000 to  Max 17,000
2Min 9,300 to  Max 19,000
3Min 9,610 to  Max 21,310
4Min 9,900 to  Max 23,100
5Min 10,260 to  Max 25,260
6Min 10,620 to  Max 27,240
7Min 10,990 to  Max 29,290
8Min 11,380 to  Max 31,480
9Min 11,770 to  Max 31,480
10Min 12,160 to  Max 36,160
11Min 12,570 to  Max 38,970
12Min 13,320 to  Max 42,120
13Min 14,260 to  Max 45,760
14Min 15,180 to  Max 50,280
15Min 16,120 to  Max 56,020
16Min 18,910 to  Max 64,510
17Min 30,370 to  Max 76,370
18Min 38,350 to  Max 95,750
19Min 59,210 to  Max 1,20,210
20Min 69,090 to  Max 1,32,230
21Min 76,270 to  Max 1,46,720
22Min 82,380 to  Max 1,64,560
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