Leopards Courier Wins 3PL Champion’s Competition Organized by Daraz, Powered by Alibaba Group

Leopards Courier Services, one of Pakistan’s leading courier and logistics management companies, has won the 3PL Champion’s competition organized by Daraz and powered by the Alibaba Grou

The merits for 3PL Championship included valuable parameters such as delivery success ratio, numbers of shipment delivery, payments made on time, lead time, claims, and backlogs.

Daraz also organized OND championships simultaneously with their promotional campaigns in October (10.10), November (11.11), and December (12.12). There was an overwhelming response by the customers in these campaigns, as millions of orders were received.

Leopards Courier Services and Daraz have been working for many years now. Leopards Courier Services also won the ‘Daraz – 3PL Partner of the Month’ award from July to December, consecutively. The key behind winning these accolades was that Leopards Courier Services had a tightly knit comprehensive strategy to evaluate and execute their delivery plans.

Leopards improved their efficiency by completing 100% deliveries, apt reporting, control tower setup, and analyzing customer feedback. The 3PL championship was a recognition from a distinguished fellow partner.

In order to boost productivity, Leopards Courier Services also ran an internal competition named ‘Battle 11.11” which was an accumulation of two campaigns. Its “Haftawar Salami Award” was given to top riders and operational staff and the distribution took place across multiple zones. Approximately, 50 people were given the prize, certificates, and letters on weekly basis.

The initiative helped in identifying the top-performing zones, cities, and stations followed by cash prizes by the management to the outperforming areas. Also, during Covid-19, Leopards Courier Services acquired more businesses and sustained employments.

Apart from the competition, effective communication was another successful way to motivate people. Leopards Courier Services enabled their people to perform, track every shipment, and give utmost importance to timely deliveries.

Most importantly, Leopards Courier Services dedicated the Daraz 3PL Champion’s award to their ground Leopards, the people who work day-and-night and all across the network in far-flung areas.

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