How To Get Arms License in Pakistan 2021 [Step By Step Procedure]

An arms license is usually official permission for a person to own and use a gun. In this blog ill explain the easy steps to get an arms license in Pakistan in 2021.

Arms license has two categories; Prohibited bore (BP) and Non-Prohibited bore (NBP). Weapons which license are permissible are categorized as Prohibited bore (BP) and Non-Prohibited bore details are below:

  • Short gun non-automatic or semi-automatic
  • Revolver or pistol other than prohibited bore.
  • Rifle other than prohibited bore.
  • Sword

Pakistan lifts the ban on issuing all Pakistan arms licenses in September 2021 after a long time. According to the notification, ban lifts on issuing on prohibited bore (BP) arms licenses as per new rules and eligibility criteria.

Ministry of interior issuing the licenses of these weapons in Pakistan in 2021;

  • Automatic pistole
  • 9mm pistole
  • 30 bore pistole
  • 32 bore pistole
  • Short gun
  • 12 bore
  • 223 bore
  • 222 bore

Note: aK47 weapon licenses to remain banned.

1- How to Get Arms License in Pakistan (Step By Step Procedure)

Let’s check the list of documents are required and the procedure for a computerized arms license in Pakistan.

Documents required for arms license:

  1. Arms License Form (Download form from official website)
  2. Copy of CNIC (3 copies required)
  3. 3 passport size photos
  4. NTN Certificate 3 copies
  5. Depatmental NOC (For goverment officers)
  6. 3 copies of tax retuen and active filler copies
  7. Fees volrture (original fee volture submit in national bank of Pakistan)

Age criteria: The age limit for an arms license applicant must be 25 years old.

Follow these simple steps to get an arms license;

  • First of all, you need to get the number of the weapons which you are planning to buy from an authorized arms dealer.
  • Submit the forms to the D.C. Office’s Arms Licensing Issuing Branch. A duplicate will provide to you, and the applicant will purchase an arm from an arms dealer. It will be registered at the post office, and it will be renewed annually for a fee.
  • After submitting the form file, it will take 1 month for the arms license to be delivered to your home.

2- All Pakistan Arms License Verification

Arms License

Once, you get the arms license at home now next step is to check the license is real or fake. How to check that? Just follow these steps to know how to verify all Pakistan arms licenses?

  • Open any web browser on your smartphone or computer, and write arms license verification.
  • There will be a website link
  • Open this website and enter your CNIC number to get the required information.

3- New Arms Licence Islamabad (Step By Step Procedure)

Here will explain how to make a new arms license for the residence of Islamabad. follow these simple steps to get an arms license in Islamabad.

Documents Required

  • 3 passport size photographs
  • Attested Copy of CNIC (Required 3)
  • 3 Attested Copy of NTN certificate
  • Proof of residence in Islamabad
  • departmental NOC (in case of government servants)

Step-by-Step Process

  • Download application form and fill it properly.
  • Attach all the documents as mentioned in below.
  • Visit Citizen Faciliation Center, ICT Administration, located in G-11/4, Mauve Area, Islamabad
  • Get a token and wait for your turn
  • Submit all the documents and obtain receipt
  • Collect your license at the date given on receipt

4- All Pakistan Arms License Fee

According to the notification, the fee for issuance of a license for the prohibited bore will be Rs10,500 while the fee for the non-prohibited bore will be Rs6,500.

According to the notification, people applying for the renewal of prohibited bore arms licenses have to pay will Rs8, 000 while those applying for non-prohibited bore license renewals will be charged Rs4, 000.

5- How to Get Computerized Arms License from NADRA

Computerized Arms License from NADRA

NADRA and the Punjab Interior Department recently collaborated to implement a modern system for managing and governing arms licenses. The new system is called Computerized Arms License System (CALS).

In the first phase, smart cards will be issued in 9 districts of Punjab, as well as Lahore, Sargodha, Multan, Peshawar, Quetta, Hyderabad, Sukkar, Islamabad, and Karachi, to replace traditional arms license cards.

The smart cards will include applicant verification via NADRA’s Verisys, weapon owner tracking via CNIC, machine readability via barcode integration, and secure lamination on both sides.

This is how you can apply for renewal of your arms license:

  • First pay non refuanable license fee of 1400 rupess in UBL Omni
  • Submit your application in DOC office
  • Visit NADRA to submit original deposit slip, old arms license and t passport size photos
  • After attestaon, a token number asign you so you can go for bio metric verification. You have to give digital photogrhapg
  • After all, you will prodice a new computrized license and old one will be cancle. Visit Nadra site for more information.

6- Punjab Arms License Tracking

Tracking the arms license’s latest status is so simple to know. All you need to SMS to 8200 your tracking id mentioned on your token number issued by NADRA.

Another way to track your arms license is to call Nadra helpline number which is 7000 and share your tracking id to know the latest status of your arms license.

7- Punjab Arms License Verification

Punjab arms license verification only be possible through the NADRA helpline. Call the nadra helpline and tell them about your arms license number to verify if it is real or fake.

8- Islamabad Arms License Verification Online

To verify the Islamabad arms license online, download the city Islamabad app from the app store. To use this app you need to register first by providing you with data. Once, you log in to the app there is an option at the top to verify your arms license.

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