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How to Store Clothes When You Don’t Have a Closet

Living in a bedroom without a closet may sound like a struggle, but it is definitely something that you can easily overcome with some effort, time, and creativity. Depending on the size of your room or your budget, purchasing a new or additional closet may be out of the realm of possibility, but that doesn’t mean your space has to look messy all the time.

Regardless of whether you live in a rental unit or your own home, there are quite a few ways to store clothes without a closet that don’t require a lot of DIY experience or money. 

To help you figure out the most suitable way to make up for the missing (or too little) closet space, here is a list of easy yet innovative ways to keep, store, and hang clothes in your bedroom while making it look chic and classy.

These are some amazing storage ideas for a small bedroom without a closet. 

Let’s take a look.

Buy a Clothing Rack

how to store clothes in a small bedroom without a closet
Clothing racks are the cheapest and most efficient alternatives to closets

Are you a fan of minimalist décor? If your answer is yes then you’re in luck because buying clothing racks is not only one of the most popular storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget but they are also very minimalistic and barely take up any of your precious square footage.

If you have a flair for DIY home décor projects, you can easily build your own clothing rack using PVC pipes. On the other hand, you can also buy multiple racks in varying heights for rather economical rates from any furniture or hardware store. Feel free to paint them in different colours to complement your design theme and colour palette, and organize them whichever way you like without creating any visual clutter. 

For an even neater appearance, consider investing in shoe racks as well. 

Store Clothes Behind the Curtains 

clothes storage ideas for small bedrooms on a budget
Hanging your clothes behind curtains will also keep their colours from fading due to the excessive exposure to sunlight

Are you worried about your clothes collecting dust while hanging out in the open? The easiest way to counter this problem is to hide your clothes behind curtains. This way, not only will your dresses and suits remain clean and dust-free but you also won’t have to look at them all the time. It’s essentially like creating a small closet. You can also utilize this space to keep your shoe racks, storage bins and other items out of sight.

This is one of the most ingenious ways to store clothes without a closet.

However, it is recommended to buy curtains that either match or complement the fabric and patterns of the existing ones in your room.

Purchase a Few Storage Baskets

Use wicker basket to store clothes
You can use charming wicker basket to store clothes and other accessories

There are different types of baskets available in the market for different organization purposes, with those made from wicker, plastic and metal wires being the most popular choices. 

Interestingly, wicker storage baskets can be a brilliant addition to your home. They are affordable, simple, aesthetically pleasing and easily available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. In case you are planning to store some of your clothes or accessories under the bed to save up on your limited closet space, consider buying plastic or fabric storage boxes that are just as cheap and versatile. 

These baskets are among the most unique storage ideas for small spaces and can be used to store socks, scarves, pyjamas, seasonal clothing and more. You can either keep them at a concealed spot or display them as a part of your décor, adding some colour and personality to your living space. 

Invest in a Dresser

add a dresser to a small bedroom for storage
A simple dresser can add a lot of storage space for clothes and accessories in your room

If adding a closet to a small bedroom is not an option,what do you think about investing in a dresser, instead?

Dressers are one of the best storage ideas for a small bedroom without a closet as they offer a ton of storage space without claiming much floor space. You can place them anywhere and decorate them whichever way you like to fit your home décor. In fact, a dresser can serve as a focal point for your bedroom. You can also hang a mirror on top of it to use this piece of furniture as a vanity table. 

In case buying a new dresser is presently out of your budget, consider purchasing a second-hand piece from your local furniture market and restoring it to its former glory with some paint and varnish. 

Mix It All Togather

clothes storage ideas for small spaces
Pair clothing racks of various heights with storage baskets and a low dresser to create additional closet space

Are you still struggling to store clothes without a closet? Well, consider mixing up all the aforementioned unique storage ideas for small spaces to ensure all of your stuff is placed safely and correctly. 

Depending on how much clothes you have, you can install a few clothing racks in different sizes and add some wicker baskets for your accessories and seasonal wear. Hanging unique wall hooks can also be a great way to store clothes without a closet.

Moreover, you can pair a low dresser with a set of floating shelves for additional storage space. These shelves can be used to store jewellery, hats, handbags and other accessories.

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