‘Tum se na ho paye ga’: Memes Galore After PSL 2021 Anthem Released

Twitter is abuzz following the release of the official anthem of the Pakistan Super League’s sixth edition.

Reactions to the song “Groove Mera”, a collaboration between Naseebo Lal, Aima Baig, and Young Stunners, have been mixed, but mostly skewed so far, to give the impression it hasn’t come off as an instant hit.

‘What have I done?’

Those not impressed were quick to dish out criticism, some wishing to turn back time.

One user tweeted a meme of a cross looking boy with his hands folded and looking down, reading “ye maine ne kya kardiya?” (What have I done?).

‘What are they saying?’

One user simply couldn’t decipher the words to the song.

‘Hulk smash!’

Another, tweeting on behalf of people who had listened to the song, said that they desire to turn into Hulk and smash the speakers used to listen to the track.

‘What we ordered vs what we got’

It seems fans felt cheated, one tweeting a side by side comparison of the old and the new singers, and saying: “What we ordered vs what we got.”

Tears were cried

Another tweeting a crying emoticon and a broke heart along with a photo of a man crying, seemed to have been particularly affected. It is unclear if the song moved them or if it did not suit their taste.

‘I’d rather die’

In a dramatic reaction, one user posted a meme of Indian film actor Amitabh Bachan asking for his “zehar waali kheer” (sweet dish laced with poison) to be heated.

‘You’re not cut out for this’

Another, wishing to let the singers down easy, put a meme of an elder lifting someone’s chin, with the accompanying text reading: “Beta tum se na ho payega!” (You’re not cut out for this).

‘Only reason to listen to it on repeat’

One fan, however, who seemed to be a big fan of Aima Baig, wrote that there is one reason — “the only reason” — to listen to the song “4,5 times”, as they shared a photo of the singer.

‘Calling Ali Zafar’

Even so, it seemed many were missing Ali Zafar.

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