Apple to Launch Relatively Affordable Clamshell Foldable iPhone in the Future [Video]

Apple is apparently working on a foldable iPhone that will feature a clamshell design. This foldable device would also be relatively affordable to the current offerings from rival vendors, but is not launching anytime soon.

According to a WCCFTech report, a tipster has suggested that the Cupertino based giant might have settled on a Galaxy Z Flip-like design for its upcoming foldable iPhone. Furthermore, this foldable phone will also be more affordable that the competing rivals in the same market.

But unfortunately, this foldable iPhone will not be launching anytime soon. As per YouTuber Jon Prosser’s channel, Front Page Tech, the company is working on what appears to be a flip phone-like iPhone model.

In other words, it won’t be similar to a Galaxy Z Fold 2, rather, it would be geared towards reducing its overall size when folded. This would also enable it to be more portable as well. Previously, Prosser had stated that Apple is developing two foldable iPhones, with both variants in early stages of development. Jon further added that the company would be using a Ceramic Shield glass will be chemically treated for the device, which will enable it to handle a significant level of tolerance when it is folded or unfolded.

Notably, the YouTuber claimed that the foldable iPhone will cost less than rival offerings from the competition. Although, the clamshell designed iPhone will not arrive before 2023.

Additionally, this launch date could potentially be pushed back further if the company faced development hurdles. Keep in mind, it isn’t necessary that Apple might be offering a cheap foldable handset, but it could be that the components for such a device might become cheaper in the near future, allowing for reduced retail price.

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