PAK-Qatar Takaful Holds Annual Conference

 Pak-Qatar Family Takaful held its Annual Conference in Karachi to celebrate 2020’s exceptional performance and to further align the team with strategic Business Growth plans for 2021 and beyond.

The conference was attended by Mr. Said Gul, Member-Board of directors, Mr. Zahid Awan, Member-Board of Directors, Mr. Kamran Saleem, Director Finance & Company Secretary, Mr. Azeem Pirani, CEO, Pak-Qatar Family Takaful along with senior management of the company.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Said Gul said, “It is indeed a day to celebrate and I would like to congratulate my team for their hard work and dedication towards achieving 2020’s business targets which has marked an all-time high in the company’s history since inception. The Takaful Distribution Team performed very well across Pakistan despite COVID-19 and is fully motivated to achieve business targets set for 2021”.  

He further stated that, “much more coordinated efforts and smart workings are required to increase the number of memberships and offer convenience. Mr. Said Gul emphasized upon capturing digital medium and using digital technology with a customer-centric approach thus terming it as the key to sustainable business growth and success.

CEO PQFTL, Mr. Azeem Pirani said: “Pak-Qatar Family Takaful, as the first and largest Family Takaful operator, is viewed as the key influencer in the progression and advancements in the field of Islamic finance. Since inception to a franchise that boasts more than 100 locations across 90+ cities in Pakistan, is exceptional growth indeed and something we are all extremely proud of. Today’s gathering is a clear reflection of the Group’s commitment that we endeavor to strengthen and grow our business in this market.”

Top performing Takaful distribution representatives of Pak-Qatar Takaful for 2020 were applauded and presented mementos as a token of appreciation by the company.

About Pak-Qatar Family Takaful:

Pak-Qatar Family Takaful Limited (PQFTL) is the first and largest Family Takaful Company in Pakistan. An independent Shari’ah Advisory Board chaired by Mufti Muhammad Hassaan Kaleem certifies all products and operations for Shari’ah compliance. The company’s shareholders include some of the strongest financial institutions in the state of Qatar such as Qatar Islamic Insurance Company (QIIC), Qatar International Islamic Bank (QIIB) and FWU AG (Germany), a leading technology company based in Munich, Germany.

Pak-Qatar Family Takaful Limited has one of the largest Takaful branch networks across Pakistan (over 100 branches in 91 cities). These branches serve more than 700,000 individual members nationwide. In addition, the Group also serves more than 1,000 corporate covered members across Pakistan.

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