How Ordinary Citizen Get Registration for COVID-19 Vaccine in Pakistan?

According to official figures, about 1,500 people have been vaccinated in Islamabad in the last two weeks, while 4,500 people were scheduled to be vaccinated between February 3 and February 17.

At the same time, the process of vaccinating the general public is starting from March, for which in the first phase, the registration of citizens aged 65 years and above is underway.

Dr Faisal Sultan, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Health, said, “On March 2, 2.8 million doses of the British vaccine AstraZeneca are arriving in Pakistan, after which the second phase of vaccination in the country will begin.”

The slow pace of vaccination of health care workers raises fears that even if the vaccine arrives in Pakistan, can it be administered in a timely manner?

How Citizen Can Register for COVID-19 Vaccine?

Registration for the corona vaccine for senior citizens began February 15. At this stage, citizens 65 years of age and older can register for the corona vaccine.

In the next phase, people aged 60 and above will be vaccinated and in the last phase, the process of vaccinating all citizens will begin. However, the registration process for all these steps will be the same as below.

First, send your ID card number to 1166 from your mobile phone.
For registration, NARDA has also developed a special software called National Immunization Management System (NIMS).

Citizens can register for the corona vaccine on their computer or mobile phone by visiting After sending an SMS or registering via NIMS, you will receive the address of the nearest Vaccine Center via SMS according to the current address on your ID card.

You will then have to wait and as soon as the vaccine becomes available at your registered center you will be notified via SMS the date and time of vaccination. You will also be sent a PIN code to accompany you to the center.

Follow this Steps if Want to Change Your Vaccine Center

After receiving the message, if for any reason you want to change the center, the health care unit can be changed once within seven days. For this you have to call 1166 or go to NIMS system and change your center.
Information counters have been set up at the vaccination centers for the convenience of the citizens where the names, ages and temperatures of all the visitors will be registered.

Citizens will be vaccinated by trained staff after verification of identity. The vaccine is kept in the vaccine center for at least 30 minutes after inoculation to monitor for any side effects of the vaccine.

What to Do to Check the Quality of the Vaccine or its Negative Effects?

In this regard, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Health Sciences, Prof. Dr. Javed Akram, says that “the only way to test a vaccine is to take antibody tests that vaccinators can do.”

However, in case of any adverse effects after vaccination, the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has developed an application (MedSafety) for this purpose on which citizens can lodge their grievances.
After which action can be taken against the vaccine company.

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