How to Get Computerized Driving License In Lahore Easily Steps to Follow

Lahore Traffic Police have made the process of getting a Computerized Driving License very easy. According to Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Lahore Captain (r) Hammad Abid, the police have rolled out an upgraded system for the citizens. Talking to media, the CTO said the new system would make the whole process very quick. “This will end long queues for multiple hours to obtain or renew the driving license,” Abid said. 

“We have three centres in Lahore; one is in Manawaan, second is in Arfa Karim Tower, while the third one is in DHA Lahore,” he said. He further added that the police have upgraded the DHA centre with the help of PITB, and now the whole process is digitalized. 

Process of Getting Computerized Driving License: 

The Lahore Traffic Police have divided the whole process of getting a license into two phases: 


  • The candidate would get a Token Number.
  • He/She would get their photo for the license taken at the centre.
  • In the final step of phase-I, the applicant would take a computerized multiple-choice and theoretical test.


  •  The applicant would take on-road Driving Test.
  • After passing the test, the candidate would get his/her new Driving License.
  • If the applicant fails the test, he/she could take the test again after 42 days. 

According to the CTO, earlier the test was manual and hard, but now police have made it very easy so that more and more people get their licenses. “The applicant only has to get 50% marks in the computerized test,” he said. 

Furthermore, the officials have said that this test would end the ‘VIP culture’ as there will be no line or wait. Also, the computer would give the numbers on merit, and no one can change the result, hence, a transparent system. 

The people have praised the new system, saying that it would be now easier to get a driving license. In short, a great initiative by Lahore Traffic Police. 

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